What I really Want #2

The last few assignments that I had to complete for the last few points in Collection 1 felt like they were just there to be there. I think it will be easier in the future when assignments will be on specific topics, but they were hard to write this time. I don’t want anything changed I just wanted to vent. Here is a picture of my dog Bella.

2 Replies to “What I really Want #2”

  1. Can you tell me specifically which assignments you are talking about that you felt were “there just to be there?” It seems like you are talking about the Your Choice assignments, but since they are, well, your choice, I don’t quite understand. In most of those assignments I try to give lot of latitude so you can pursue things that are of interest to you…is there some reason you chose not to do so or chose the specific assignments you did? Are you saying that being told what to write about (I think there are some options fore that too) is easier for you than getting to choose?

    On the other hand, this course is intentionally not highly-directed because *that* is not the kind of easy I am interested in.

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