Music Shuffle Creative Writing Exercise

Title: Space Oddity

artist: David Bowie

length: 5 minutes 15 Seconds

Poem: This made me think of the time I had to fly to my grandfathers funeral. That was a hard flight.

A Sad Flight

At the terminal,
No time to stop now,
For the world seems farcical,
You’re finished now,
So just take a bow.
Swallowing a sleeping pill
For now, you lie still

Reality continues,
A pace rushed on,
Called from retinues,
While I sit alone,
Yet surrounded so I cannot moan,
At the cusp of an abyss,
Invisible forces are amiss

Change, Confusion, Chaos
Unrest and deadlines,
A rushed and frantic pathos,
Then a call from the airlines,
My time has arrived to fly,
A sorrow flight to say goodbye

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