IP, Friend or Foe?

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My Case

Ip, intellectual property. I don’t know where I stand on Ip. On one hand trademarks, copyrights, and patents are there to protect creators and companies who own the IP.  It assures people that their creations can be copied without their permission. This essentially locks down that idea. Leaving it unable to be developed further. Ip is a confusing topic and by reading through and researching both sides have valid claims that I can empathize with.

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  1. Can you beef this up a bit? First, you definitely need to make some choice in order to make claim. It’s not written in stone, so even if you are unsure (as I am!), do it for the sake of argument/learning. Some ideas for the kind of claim you could make: you could assert that copyright protection lengths are too long or too short (or just right), you could argue for better or different fair use protections, you could claim that there is no reason to differentiate between physical and virtual property or you could claim that we *should*, you could agree with some of the readings/viewings that we should get rid of IP protections or you could argue that we need them or need to increase them.

    The readings and viewings cover all of these and a bit more. So once you decide on a “side” you want to add a bit about why and anticipate some of the arguments that you would see from the other “side.” You can express these however you want…you could just say “people who think X might argue Y, but this is why that’s wrong or doesn’t work, etc” — you aren’t writing a thesis, so you don’t have to write a book, but show that—whatever claim you make—that you have some understanding of those who reasonably feel differently…

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