Exploring Digital Citizenship

Source 1

For my first source, I searched Edutopia for information on digital citizenship in the classroom and found this playlist of videos. It is a collection of eleven videos that explain what digital citizenship,  basic netiquette, and internet safety tips. The coolest video in the playlist is an interactive video that gives you the option of sending a risky picture. The video then walks you down what can happen if you post risky photos online and how once the media is posted it’s out of your hands.

Source 2

Source two was inspired by the interesting video from the previous playlist. This source goes over internet safety that goes over some of the basic concerns that I had when talking about using the internet in the classroom. How there is a possibility for cyberbullying, exposure to risky topics, and the challenge of teaching what is essentially a new language to a young audience.

Source 3

My third source is a ted talk that I watched in the past and wanted to share with the class. The talk is hosted by Sherry Turkle who talks on the subject of shifting our trust of people to technology. A quote from the talk that stood out to me is “If we don’t teach our children to be alone, they will only know how to be lonely.”  The quote is strong because it is a jarring thought for older generations. I believe that it is not the case. My generation and every generation after me has been raised with this sense of connectedness through the web. Instead of losing yourself in digital communities you are able to communicate your ideas and creations to people you would never be able to interact with in another age. A child can publish a book and your grandma could publish her own metal album. I feel that there is a disconnect that will not go away unless people are taught and educated in internet culture.

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