What I really Want #1

I would like to learn more about the basics of owning a website. What types of programs can I run on it? What are the alternatives to having WordPress? Can I put my rudimentary knowledge of Javascript to work on this site or would it be better to read a few books on HTML?

Think About Your Thinking: Art Gallery

While posting some pictures of my paintings I had a confliction of feelings towards the WordPress website. On one hand, it was simple to put all of my pictures up on the site. It was as simple as dragging and dropping all of my pictures into the post. The downside is they kind of posted weirdly on the site. Instead of having a gallery style of post, with one picture in front that would prompt you to click and scroll through the rest, the default is to post every image as a thumbnail. It’s not a bad default it just seems to be taking up more room on the site than I intended.

Looking at the assignment as a whole I can see why you assigned it. It does 3 major things. The assignment requires students to learn how to upload various types of media to their website, it gives an impression of what the student has on their mind, and it creates an attachment to the website to the student.

The first point lets you know what students need additional help uploading videos, images, or pictures so that you can assign us to create those on future assignments. The second point helps to put faces to names. Making Ben Schlegel shift from a student who signed up for my class into, a student in my class who is interested in art, has an English degree, and likes to drink tea. The last intention of the assignment is to make it more than a blackboard substitute. Instead of having this thirty dollar website to submit homework you want us to think of it as our own site because as stated a few words back it is our site!

What is a Jigsaw lesson?

What is a jigsaw lesson? A jigsaw lesson is a group teaching activity that takes a large topic and breaks it down into small manageable chunks. To run a jigsaw lesson activity first you need to separate your class into groups of 3-4. When students are split up into their groups this first group that has been formed is known as a ‘home group. After students are in their home groups had them a different question to each member of the group. The homegroup has students who are assigned different questions and are tasked to work on them alone. After students work on their questions for a set amount of time students from other tables that have been assigned the same questions come together to form an ‘expert group’. When students move into their ‘expert groups’ the group aspect of the activity comes into play. Once the groups are formed students when work together to flesh out their question and answer it to the best of their ability.
After another set amount of times students return to the homegroup and take turns discussing what each expert group talked about. The lesson ends with every student taking notes on their peers while they are explaining what their expert groups talked about on their questions.

Why should I use a jigsaw lesson? The jigsaw lesson encourages students who don’t talk to talk, breaks large topics into manageable chunks, it is a great for review activity, and the jigsaw lesson puts learning in the hands of students. With all of these great traits, there are some downsides to jigsaw group activities. A few pitfalls to watch out for when running a jigsaw lesson is having a Lack of student participation, if the expert group doesn’t understand a topic then the whole class won’t understand that topic,
groups can get distracted and not follow the intended plan, and uneven student count. On the bright side, most of the pitfalls can be avoided with proper planning and having an active classroom management strategy.

This sounds really cool but you there is no jigsaw lessons for my discipline. That’s where you’re wrong. I pulled a list of potential jigsaw lesson from the website Pedagogy in Action. There are lessons from art history to archaeology. From English to journalism. Even from computer science to health professions. There is always a way to create a jigsaw lesson.

For my TWS I used a Jigsaw lesson to review themes from a novel called Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. We divided the class into groups and worked through the assignments. I feel the students were very receptive to it but you be the judge of that. I started by breaking class into groups of which ended with only 2 groups having four students. I then gave students time to read their book and answer their assigned question. After the confusion of the grouping system was explained everyone was reading and completing their question. When I signaled for groups to break into expert groups students changed group quickly without much confusion. After my lesson, I asked for feedback from my students and this is the jist of what they said. My students told me that liked having the small groups, enjoyed being able to talk instead of write, being able to talk when in a large group discussion they wouldn’t feel comfortable have been able to talk. Not all the feedback was glowing some students thought it was just another day of class.


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I think I would give myself a B. I think its a decent paper, but it conflicts with the research topic you assigned and talks about a topic that is random.

How to write a Limerick

I made a screencast on the basics of writing a limerick. If I were to give myself a grade I think it would be a C. I should rewrite the script to give more examples,  not repeat myself, and to include better visuals instead of having just a google doc open.

Sound Your Barbaric Blog Yawp


Hello World! By world, I, of course, mean the 2-3 of you who will ever read these words.  I currently have no web presence.  In fact, this is the first website. It was a cool experience.  I am the proud owner of this microscopic plot of electronic real estate.

Now on to the assignment.

Who are you?

I am Ben Schlegel. A 23-year-old UAF bachelor of Arts English graduate currently enrolled in UAF Masters of Education department.

 What do you care about?

I care about my family, friends, and the pursuit of knowledge. 

What do you do professionally? 

I am currently employed as a Camp staff Associate at Camp Bear Valley for the summer. In the Fall I will be Substitute teaching in the Anchorage School District. I have applied and am waiting for my teaching certification,

Do you have hobbies?

I enjoy reading, arts and crafts, video games, and tinkering with electronics.

 If you were to participate in a protest, what would it be about?

I would participate in a net neutrality protest. Even with my lack of online presence, I believe that ISP’s hold too much power and have faux monopolies all over the country.

What would you change about the world, if you could?

I want to change the world’s opinion on reading and learning. The idea of education is met with groans which really bothers me. I believe that the only way to live a healthy and fulfilling life is to participate in the world’s conversation. You need to make an impact in your field. Understand what can be improved and throw your two pennies into that conversation.

What would you change about yourself, if you could?

I would change my work ethic. I would love to become a consistent person. I feel that I either I am on top of a situation or I am being dragged below in an undertow of laziness


List 1

List all the items in your wallet

  • Drivers license
  • Saftey mirror/bottle opener
  • Free movie passes
  • UAF mini Diploma
  • Shell gas card
  • Costco card
  • Alaska Airlines Club 49 Card
  • Alaska USA Card
  • A receipt for a Holiday Slushie

List 2

List your de-stress recipe

  • A big bowl of Popcorn
  • Coke Slushie
  • Comfy seat
  • The Old Conan The Barbarian Movie