Search, Research and Share: Net Neutrality

What is Net Neutrality?

If you have been on the web in the past few years then you have no doubt heard this term before.  The simplest definition that I have found online is by Professor Tim Wu of Columbia Law.  Professor Wu state   ” to describe the concept that internet service providers should treat all data on the Internet the same and not block, speed up or slow down traffic based on paid prioritization or other preferences.”

I found a video by ABC that does a great job of creating a visual for net neutrality.

Why Should You Care?

You should care so you can make your own decision online and not have sites filtered through your ISP. Instead of being shoveled internet content that is pushed by monopolies you would have the ability to be your own gatekeeper. Another reason why you should care is cutting out a middleman for a service you already pay for. Without net neutrality in place, you risk the threat of content blocking, content throttling, and paid content prioritization.




The process I took to research was looking through all of the databases that I have access too. I googled and searched the UAF digital catalog. I gathered my information looked everything over. I tried to distill everything into an easily readable length, put my own opinion into the post, and include a video that I thought had a great visualization method.

ADA Fire Away Questions

ADA Fire Away Questions: 

1: Has learning about ADA and IDEA changed anything in the way you plan lessons?

2:  What has changed in any of your own internal definitions of “disability”, “reasonable accommodation”, and “universal design”? If this was your first time hearing these terms have they made you think differently about anything else in your daily life?

3:  What accommodations have you seen in place in the classroom? Did you realize that they were taking place?