Think About Your Thinking Redux

Reflection on “Collaborate (a little)” Assignment:

This has been a difficult collection. When I signed up for this class I was expecting a more solo driven lesson plan that would use online resources and videos. I didn’t expect to have to orchestrate assignments and interactions with people who are also busy. This assignment was kinda rough. While I eventually found a group thanks to the wonders of twitter this collection has thrown me through a loop.

I think you required it because experiences teach more than paragraphs and you wanted us to make connections through the web and use that connection to create something productive.

If I could time travel I would tell students to not take this class if they have a day job or at least warn them about the expectations of the group interactions.

Get Productive

Productivity is one of the great universal challenges that everyone has to face on their own. To try and increase my productivity I have been carrying around a pocket-sized notebook and pen. With these tools readily available I have been taking more notes during my daily life. I am a habitual hand writer. I often write notes on my hand in order to keep track of an idea through a given work day. By carrying around a piece of paper my hands do not have anything written on them and I am able to take more vivid and detailed notes. 

( Hand is free of sharpie notes! )